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November 10, 2008

Beating Heart

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November 2, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand


(For some reason my post last week did not post to the blog.  Ooops!) 


I had the most amazing day possible.  I heard my baby for the first time.  It was incredible.  His heart just thumped and thumped.  And the little pea on the screen flashed in and out as his heart beat.  Tiny but growing.  Unbelievable.  He is just over 6mm with a little tail which supposedly will turn into the umbilical cord.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  Hearing his heart beat made the whole thing feel real.  There he was, snuggled up in my uterus in a nice sized sac with my umbilical cord beginning to grow.  Too cool. 


I have pictures from the ultrasound to add to our growing collection.  We have one when the baby was only a few cells big (in the dish) and another from the first ultrasound.  Not many people have the chance to see their babe less than the size of a piece of dust. 


Dr. Poonsak was really excited and said that the baby was in great shape.  As such, he eliminated my hormone injection so that I will only continue with the progesterone pessaries.  Yeah!  Peter almost fainted this week when he had to give me this injection which had a 4 inch needle.  It went into the hip muscle so it really wasn’t painful, at least not compared to some of the ones in my belly.


Gotta run.  I’m off to Dubai tomorrow for a few weeks.  


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