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November 27, 2008

Bunkered down in Bangkok

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Thanksgiving Day

November 27, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand


I have been meaning to write for a few weeks now but somehow, I got busy with daily life again.  We left Dubai almost a week ago and returned to Bangkok where we will now be for next 2 months.  We are working with our new partner, CADG on a large USAID bid for the next few weeks, and then Ami and Amba come to Bangkok for their Christmas holiday.


I had my latest doctor’s appointments with another ultrasound.  This was Peter’s first time hearing the baby’s heart so it was quite nice.  The baby was doing flips in my uterus.  He was very active and is so big already.  The doctor did an early test for Downes Syndrome (something about the width of the neck) and the baby looks good.  Big relief, particularly at my age.  Everything looks perfect.  He is already 4.3 cm and growing daily.  Take a peak for yourself.  The red blotches are his blood flow.  Bizarre, I know, but nice to know that everything is working.



(For those asking, we don’t know the gender of the baby.  I always thought that I would have Peter’s son so I call the baby a ‘he’.  But a woman’s instincts can be wrong so who knows.)


I am doing pretty well.  I started to get morning sickness.  Just the nausea and some heart burn.  And course, I still get headaches.  Daily.  Particularly at strong smells.  I am also quite congested which is good as it blocks my nose most of time, tempering the nausea.  All in all – I am doing great.  Just happy to be pregnant and wishing it would go faster so I can hold the little one.


Peter and I find ourselves in the middle of some international news here in Bangkok.  There has been an on-going political battle with peaceful protests aimed at the Thai government (in particular, the new Thai Prime Minister) since September.  There have been a few protests that got slightly violent (a few police clashes with protestors) but nothing serious.  There was a final push by these protestors 2 days ago to push the Prime Minister out.  They staged a protest at the airport and as of yesterday, took control of the international airport.  The protests are confined to the airport so there is no problem at all on the streets.  Thai people are smart enough not to harm tourists as many rely on tourism for their income.  Anyway, the airports are closed and no one can get out (at least, through Bangkok airport.  Our friend Steve was able to fly out yesterday by taking car to another airport and then connecting to Singapore).  It has been a bit of an inconvenience for those traveling home for the Thanksgiving holiday but nothing too bad.  The people here should be commended for their peaceful protests.  They simply want a corrupt government out of office and have persevered in their efforts to get the Prime Minister out.  The situation is a bit unsettling as the military has stated that the Prime Minister should resign (i.e. the gov’t is not in control of the military) but thankfully, Thailand has a history of peaceful transitions of power.  The king is revered here and most of the country will look to him to give them guidance.  He has yet to speak but hopefully he will do so soon so that this political dispute (and siege of the airport) can end.



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