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February 3, 2009

Half way there!!!

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February 3, 2009  (week 20)

Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve been remiss on this blog. Sorry about that. I’m at the half way mark (20 weeks) so it’s time for an update.

The babe is growing in leaps and bounds. At last check (2 weeks ago), he was already 15 cm which is ahead of the curve for his age. Guess I’ll be having a big baby. Ooow!

We found out the baby was a boy in December which was no surprise really as I had predicted that one when I first met Peter. I always knew that I’d have his son. Not sure why – I just did. We decided to name him Oliver James Middlebrook. Oliver was a close friend of Peter’s who passed away and James was my father’s name. A big name for a little boy but it comes with a British nickname, Ollie, that will suit while he is a young chap. Oliver also means ‘peace’ which I feel is appropriate. A gift of peace in a volatile world. Lovely.

I had my amnio almost 2 weeks ago but sadly I am still waiting on the results. The test went very well and I didn’t have any side effects. A scary proposition though as you have this 12 inch needle stuck into you and your baby. Thankfully, I had asked Oliver not to move during the test, and wouldn’t you know – the boy actually listened. He usually does twists and turns for every ultrasound but for this one, he was completely quiet. He was lying on his belly, snoozing away.  

You can see him sleeping on his belly in this photo below – his spine is quite obvious.

Anyway, the test was quite strange. It didn’t hurt while going through my belly but when it reached the placenta, there was a suction sound as the needle pierced the sac. It felt unnatural for this needle to be so close to my son. During those 3 minutes while the doctor was gathering amnio fluid, I was silently screaming ‘Get out!” If it had last much longer, I would have had the doctor stop as it didn’t feel right. It was unnerving to say the least. I spent the next day in bed as a precaution. Thankfully, the baby seems to be fine so crisis averted.

I’m still getting used to all of these body changes. My belly has swollen and one can’t deny I’m pregnant now! I picked up some maternity clothes while in the States which has proven very useful. The headaches and nausea have subsided so I’m much more comfortable this trimester. My body isn’t as agile but that may have to do with the ice cream rather than the little one.

We also made some decisions on the childbirth. We are planning to settle down in CT for a bit. It gives us a home base and provides us the opportunity to diversify our business into corporate work in New York. We need some stability (although travel will always be on the table!) and a base to come home to after visits to the field. We found a place to rent in Greenwich which is currently under construction but ready in May. It’ll give us a chance to look around the area before buying a property. Plus with this falling economy, we’re concerned about buying property when prices are dropping rapidly. A good compromise was found in Greenwich. Close to NYC (45 min on the train) and a quaint town center with trendy restaurants. Perfect!

Last week we received some terrible news from home. Martin, Peter’s brother, unexpectedly had a mini stroke. Typically, this type of stroke is the prelude to a much bigger one. It doesn’t make sense as Martin is quite young, athletic/fit, trim, non smoker. But one never can tell when health problems will come. He is still quite weak from the incident and is seeing specialists this week to figure out the cause (and thus, the treatment). Thankfully, his mom was able to fly to UK to be with him this week and help with the kids. We are all praying for him and his family.

I also received horrible news about Kim’s (my cousin) husband, Steve. It seems the prognosis is actually much worse, and they are not sure he will survive more than a year. Very sad news. He is also in his early 40s and too young to be so ill. Kim & Steve also have young children at home which make it much worse. There was a miracle with Melissa (cousin in the car accident) in that she can now move her arm when her diagnosis was to never move again. So maybe we can have another miracle down south. We’re all praying for him.

Anyway, I’ll be leaving Thailand next Thurs to meet Peter in Dubai. It’s been a long separation these past few weeks. He’s been in Iraq for the US State Dept. and sadly, I couldn’t join him due to security concerns. We’ll be back together for the next few months until I get too fat to travel anymore (May).

I’ll try and write next week with the amnio results. Hopefully it’ll be good news.



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  1. Wonderful to see you back in the blog business. I have missed the updates. It’s so exciting to know that you are half way through this wonderful experience. We are so looking forward to meeting our next grandson in person although we love him already. Oliver is a lucky little boy to have such wonderful parents (and grandparents of course–on both sides of the pond!). We love you!


    Comment by Pat Youell — February 3, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

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